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Looking after your 4x4 is critical to having a great time out on the tracks, you put your vehicle through a lot, on rough terrain, and towing big loads, so you should get into the habit of checking your vehicle before and after every off-road trip, not all vehicles are driven the same but most 4wd are exposed to mud, water, dust and dirt which causes parts to wear out faster. Doing regular checks and maintenance on your vehicle is key to avoiding breakdowns out on the trial.

Remember when out on the trail, pay extra attention to any abnormal noises, fluid leaks, or smells.

  • Pre-trip Inspections

  • General Serving

  • Periodic Maintenance

  • Specialist Precision Services

Toyota Land Cruiser


Northridge Automotive is equipped with a fully functional workshop and experienced fitment staff that can help get your 4x4 ready for your next adventure. Your can purchase your accessories from us Altitude Off Road and simply ask our team to organise fitment of your new gear to your vehicle upon checkout or instore.

From lift kits, bullbars, side steps, brush bars, rear bars, Spotlights, lights bars, roof racks, awnings, rooftop tents and more. 

Bullbar Installs


If you want to have instant access to power from your vehicle – whether it’s to power camping lights, a fridge or various 12v appliances – an auxiliary power system is essential.

Talk to us, to find the right system and to get our expert team to install it, giving you peace of mind and the power to go further.

Power Installs


Upgrading your suspension or Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) enhances your 4x4's on and off-road capabilities by increasing the comfort, ride, handling and load-carrying capability. 

It is common in New Zealand for vehicles to be loaded to capacity and often overloaded which can potentially be dangers and/or illegal. So having the right suspension not only allows you to carry more on your truck but gives you the reassurance that your doing so safely. 

Image by Luca Beani


Hitting the trail with a group of mates can be tricky to navigate without proper communication channels, being able to warn others about dangerous obstacles ahead of the trail makes the ride that much more enjoyable, investing in a decent UHF Radio will save you time and money in the long run, plus there's always good banter on the trails.

Give Altitude Off Road a call to find out which set up is right for you and get it installed in your vehicle by the team at Northridge Automotive. 

UHF Installs
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