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Holden Colorado - 2011 Onwards 4wd

Heavy Duty Monroe 4x4 Shocks 

Heavy Duty raised springs 

Springs bushes 



  • Up to 50mm raised height
  • Shocks, springs, spring bushes
  • Monroe Gas Magnum TDT heavy duty raised height shocks
  • Or upgrade to Bilstein Performance shocks
  • For popular utility vehicles
  • Ranger, Colorado, D-Max, BT50, Triton, Navara, Hilux, Amarok
  • The best brands at an affordable price


Using a number of premium brand components these suspension systems enhance the usability of your vehicle with up to 2 inches of extra ride height. This kit is perfect for those who have a bullbar or plan to add one in the future. Avoiding ground obstacles, carry heavier loads, greater handling control or simply improving driver sight lines, Lift Junkie is the ultimate combination of increased suspension functionality and affordability. No modification is required, just replace the original components with the uprated heavy-duty shocks and springs.


Bilstein Shock Absorbers

Bilstein are the world's leading manufacturer of high-quality, ride control products. An as original equipment manufacturer for a number exclusive vehicle makes including Bugatti, Porsche, Mercedes, VW, Nissan and many others, they are trusted to produce the right combination of performance and comfort to satisfy the most discerning driver.
Bilstein's aftermarket B6 damper is chosen for the Lift Junkie suspension kits due to its unique ability to offer an ultimate handling experience without compromising on ride quality.


Optimum grip and enhanced lane stability in day to day and extreme situations
Twin tube construction for maximum on and off road durability
Bilstein gas pressure technology, offering more precise handling and traction
Front dampers offer adjustable spring height
Bilstein OEM manufacturing standard


Dobisport Coil Springs

Dobisport coil springs are manufactured by one of Australia's leading spring and 4x4 specialist, Dobinson Spring and Suspension. Dobinsons proudly boast one of the worlds largest range of coil springs, including raised height and heavy duty 4x4 springs, lowered performance passenger car springs, O.E. replacement springs and heavy duty springs for commercial vehicles.


Latest coil spring design programs to ensure each spring meets or exceeds the design requirements, to achieve maximum working life.
Heavy duty raised height for additional ground clearance
Shot peened, scragged and fully load tested for optimum durability
Power coat finish for extreme protection from the element


RAW Leaf Springs

RAW leaf springs are designed to achieve the best possible ride for your 4X4, whilst increasing your ride height, load carrying ability and improving overall suspension travel.


Military Wrapped Eyes for extra safety in the instance of a main leaf breaking
Drawn tapered & diamond cut leafs to aid in load distribution over a larger surface area
Inter leaf anti friction liners between the springs leafs to reduce friction and improve ride comfort
High strength alignment clips with nylon insulators to reduce wear and noise.
Heavy duty to allow for up to 250kg of additional load carrying capacity
Design and features of some leaf springs may vary


Monroe Shock Absorbers

Designed to master the entire spectrum of New Zealand four wheel drive on and off road driving, Monroe Gas Magnum TDT 4WD shocks absorbers combine Tenneco's exclusive Twin Disc Technology with the legendary durability of one of Monroe's most popular 4WD replacement shocks absorbers, the Gas Magnum.


Nitrogen gas charged
35mm bore
Multi-stage, high displacement valving
Superior chrome rod and multi lip seal
3 year/60,000km warranty
Suits up to 50mm raised height suspension

Lift Junkie 2" Lift Kit - Holden Colorado - 2011 Onwards 4wd

Sales Tax Included
  • Heavy Duty Monroe 4x4 Shocks 

    Heavy Duty raised springs 

    Springs bushes 

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