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These light switches are the complement to our range of GPOs, featuring the same attractive finish, high quality materials and low price. The switches are built to last for hundreds of thousands of uses, so you can confidently install them knowing you will get years of service life.
They are all fully approved to Australia/New Zealand safety standards, so you don't just have to take our word to ensure quality.
>Safety Approval No.: V07149
>Packaged in a handy trade-style polybag

Two different types available:

Single: PS-4055
Double PS-4057

Mains Wall-Mount Light Switches

SKU: PS4055
Sales Tax Included
  • AC current rating : 240A
    DC current rating : 10A
    Plate Accessory Type : Complete Plate with Fittings
    Plate Material : Plastic
    Wallplate Form : Standard Wall Plate
    Number of Connections : 1pc
    Wallplate Colour : White
    Output Quantity : 1pc
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