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This product guarantees a good night’s sleep. There is NOTHING more annoying than the sound of a mosquito hovering around your head in the dark at 2am in the morning. Now you can do something about it. This rechargeable electronic zapper measures 90mm in diameter and 130mm high. It weighs only 200 grams and features a nifty double hook to mount anywhere. The unit also features a soft white light (3 light levels) which can be operated independently of the zapper.

The zapper can work with or without the light. When on, the zapper has an unobtrusive UV style light, which attracts the bugs. The bugs fly through the finger guard only to be confronted with a high voltage grid which either kills them instantly or stuns them. Result? No more bugs around your ears at 2am!

It gets better. The unit is charged by USB! It works for about 8 hours on a charge, depending on insect kill rate and lighting level. Great for camping or at home.

Mosquito Zapper with 180 Lumen LED Lantern

SKU: YS5544
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  • • Lumens:
     Low: 30
     Medium: 90
     High: 180
    • Battery Life:
     Low Light: Up to 20 hours
     Medium Light: Up to 8 hours
     High Light: Up to 4 hours
     UV: Up to 30 hours
    • UV LED: 5W
    • Input Power: 5V @ 1A
    • Charge Time: 3-4 hours

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