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This is the simplest, complete, portable toilet we have seen. It consists of a rigid bucket 30cm dia x 36cm high, a snap-in toilet seat and a vapour proof snap-on cover. The best part is that the unit is supplied with 30 sanitary bags. You clip these under the toilet seat. You could use each bag for some time (depending on frequency of use). You then dispose of the bag (thoughtfully), i.e., not down a flushing toilet, and simply install another bag. The disposable bags are roughly the size of a medium kitchen tidy bag, which you can buy anywhere of course. The cover clip gives an airtight seal to keep odours in and insects out. You should be able to keep offensive smells completely out of your small boat or campsite with a minimum of fuss. Also supplied with a convenient carry handle.

THUNDER BUSTER” Portable Toilet

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