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This product has an absorbent glass mat embedded in the structure of the plates. (There are 6 sets of plates, each 2.0V which makes up a “battery” of plates, i.e. 12V). The mat does two things. It reinforces the lead frame of each plate, or cell, and it stops the plates from buckling under heavy discharge current). By helping make the innards of the battery virtually solid, you can mount it in any position, but it is still preferable, of course, to mount the battery upright, even for the sake of convenience of terminal access. They are an excellent product. 

Note: It is important to not discharge an AGM more than 60% between recharge.

12V 120Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery in 330mm case

SKU: SB1685
Sales Tax Included
  • DC Voltage : 12.00000000V
    Width : 330.00000000mm
    Height : 217.00000000mm
    Depth : 172.00000000mm
    Weight : 38.00000000kg
    Amp Hour Rating : 120.00000000Ah
    Connection Type : M8 Bolt/Nut
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