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At one end of this 2m cable is a crimped PV connecter style socket, which saves you from having to crimp one on your own. The other end is a bare tinned wire to connect to your solar controller or other solar hardware.


- 6mm2 (10AWG) cable

2m Premade PV Power Cable with MC4 Style Socket to Bare End

SKU: WH3124
Sales Tax Included
  • DC current rating : 76A
    DC Voltage : 1000V
    Operating Temperature : -40°C, 125°C
    Cable length : 2m
    Packaged Volume : 1.01l
    Packaged Weight : 0.21kg
    Packaged Length : 18.7cm
    Packaged Width : 18.6cm
    Packaged Height : 2.9cm
    Plug or Socket Type : 4mm PV Connector (MC4 Style)
    Device : Socket
    Attachment Method : Crimp
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