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A comprehensive first aid kit for tending to everything from little mishaps to medical emergencies such as resuscitation. The 94 piece kit includes adhesive strips, bandages (adhesive, elastic and absorbent), safety pins, alcohol pads, cleansing wipes, tweezers, and much more. There is also a 20cm mouth-to-mouth mask, thermometer, metal scissors, vinyl gloves, instant ice bag, and emergency blanket. All packed in a super durable storage case with a first aid booklet. 

94 Piece First Aid Kit

SKU: ST3974
$44.90 Regular Price
$43.90Sale Price
Sales Tax Included
  • Width : 210.00000000mm
    Height : 140.00000000mm
    Depth : 70.00000000mm
    Weight : 500.00000000g
    Application : 4WD / Offroad, Highway Driving, Household, Office / Business, Marine / Boating
    Number of Pieces Included : 94.00000000pc
    Storage Case : Fabric Carry Bag
  • 1 x Bag, 20 x Adhesive Bandages, 10 x H-Type Adhesive Bandage, 5 x Absorbent Adhesive Dressing Small, 5 x Absorbent Adhesive Dressing Large, 5 x Small Dressing Pads, 2 x Large Dressing Pads, 1 x Metal Scissors, 1 x Tweezers, 15 x Alcohol Pads, 1 x Gloves Pair, 10 x Antiseptic Cleansing Wipes, 1 x Emergency Blanket, 1 x Triangular Bandage, 1 x 450cm PBT Elastic Bandage Small, 1 x 450cm PBT Elastic Bandage Large, 1 x 9m Adhesive Tape Roll, 8 x Safety Pins, 1 x 20cm Mouth to Mouth Mask, 1 x Instant Ice Pack, 1 x Thermometer, 1 x First Aid Booklet, 1 x First Aid Instructions

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