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This switch bank consists of a gang of 4 x 16A/12VDC circuit breaker rocker switches pre-wired with protective translucent panels to discourage naughty fingers tampering with them. The rockers act like switches but will behave like a circuit breaker if any circuit pulls more than 16A.


They would typically be used to power all sorts of things while under way which should not be turned off. Each translucent panel has a recess to accept a permanent sticker annunciating the function of the switch.


A sheet of decal annunciators is supplied with 45 (yes 45) labels. These range from “Bilge Pump” to “Deck Wash”, to “Fridge”, “Macerator Pump”, “Radar”, “VHF”, etc. 


Approx. 40mm is needed behind the panel for wiring access. 2 x No. 8 countersunk screws are supplied.

Anti-Tamper 4-Gang Switch Bank/Circuit Breaker

SKU: SZ1926
Sales Tax Included
  • DC current rating : 16A
    DC Voltage : 12V
    Width : 130mm
    Height : 50mm
    Packaged Volume : 1.64l
    Packaged Weight : 0.14kg
    Packaged Length : 16.9cm
    Packaged Width : 10.2cm
    Packaged Height : 9.5cm
    Length : 40mm
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