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This portable 12V battery box has all the common connections you would typically need for your outdoor recreation power needs. The box with carry handles is capable of holding a deep cycle battery up to 100Ah (sold separately), which secures in place with the supplied webbing strap. High current power connectors include two 50A Anderson, insulated bolt terminals (wing nut), and a 12V cigarette lighter socket with over current protection. There is also a dual-port USB to charge your Smartphone and similar USB devices, and a voltmeter to help monitor the battery level. 

Battery Box with Voltmeter and Dual USB Charger and Dual Anderson Plugs

SKU: HB8504
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  • • Suits batteries up to 100Ah
    • Dual 50A Anderson Plugs
    • 12V Cigarette Socket
    • Dual USB Ports
    • LED Voltmeter
    • Circuit Breaker Switch

  • Dual-Port USB:  5VDC 1A, 5VDC 2.1A
    Power Socket:  12VDC, 20A
    Anderson Connector:  50A

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