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Dig yourself out of any situation with this handy folding shovel! Made from durable steel, it easily tackles a variety of outdoor tasks: digging trenches, latrines and holes, levelling a site, removing rocks, clearing campfire pits or shifting hot coals. It’s just 24cm long for storage, but quickly unfolds to 62cm. The serated edge of the blade also assists with small cutting jobs such as small roots, or stripping bark. Weighing just over 1kg, it’s light to carry and suitable for most of the family to use. Conveniently packs away in the included carry case.

Folding Shovel

Sales Tax Included
  • • Use as a shovel, saw or pick
    • Durable steel construction
    • Storage bag included

  • • 62cm full length, 24cm folded
    • 210(L) x 160(W)mm head
    • 15cm long pick
    • 1.04kg

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