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Create partitions in your Front Runner Drawer System. Helps organise and stop excessive movement of gear and supplies for those off-the-beaten path adventures.


Create partitions to further organise gear, tools, supplies, and food with these adjustable drawer dividers.


  • Sold in sets of 2.
  • Can extend to fit specific drawer widths. (See below for further details.)
  • Each drawer can fit a total of 3 to 4 dividers depending on base drawer unit model. (See below for further details.)
  • Each drawer is designed with fixed mounting points for the Drawer Dividers.
  • Each Drawer Divider is secured with supplied hardware to the sides of the drawers at fixed intervals (divider positions vary depending on the drawer unit)
  • Made from the same grade steel as all Front Runner Drawer Systems.
  • Black powder coated with the same durable finish as the Front Runner Drawer Systems.
  • Installation hardware and fitment guide included.



** Vehicle Specific Drawer kits are comprised of a base drawer unit and a vehicle-specific fitment kit. You can find your specific base drawer unit model number in the SPECS tab of the vehicle-specific drawer kit product page.

Drawer model: SSDR002 Max 4 dividers per drawer; 222mm / 8.7" apart.

Drawer model: SSDR003 Max 3 dividers per drawer; 222mm / 8.7" apart.

Drawer model: SSDR005 Max 4 dividers per drawer; 260mm / 10.2" apart.

Drawer model: SSDR010 Max 4 dividers per drawer; 220mm / 8.7" apart.

FRONT RUNNER - Drawer Dividers

Sales Tax Included
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    Consists of:
    2 x Drawer Dividers
    Installation Hardware
    Fitting Instructions

    Materials used:
    Black powder coated steel

    Product Dimensions:
    Closed Dimensions:
    30mm L x 340mm W x 196mm H

    Open Dimensions:
    30mm L x 450mm W x 196mm H


  • We offer installation for all products at our Altitude Off Road Store based in Tauranga! Simply choose Installation Required during checkout and one of our team members will be in touch.

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