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*Please contact customer service to verify suitability of suspension kits for your vehicle before purchasing


This Outback Armour Suspension Kit will transform your vehicle's suspension into a strong and durable setup that will survive the toughest of offroad conditions.


This kit is ideal if you have a winch bar on the front.


Outback Armour 2" Lift Kit (Trail) for Toyota Hilux 2005 - 2015 (150 Series)

Sales Tax Included
  • 1. Massive 60mm x 2mm body 
    2. Seamless high pressure twin tube 
    3. Nitrogen gas over semi-synthetic oil 
    4. High Temperature multi-lip viton seal 
    5. 15mm Hardened chrome piston rod 
    6. Performance high flow piston 
    7. Heavy duty multi-disk valving 
    8. Extra strong forged single-piece strut leg 
    9. High density engineered rubber brushes 
    10. High strength polymer adjustable height spring seat 
    11. High Stress vanadium alloy steel coil springs 

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