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The perfect way to securely store all your tools, gear and accessories for quick access. Mount a shovel on your roof rack, a torch under the seat, a hatchet on a cargo barrier, an axe on a bed rack, or even fishing rods on the trusty old tinny… with a variety of potential uses and mounting positions, the only limit is your imagination.


-      Holds objects from 25 - 57 mm in diameter.

-          Each clamp supports a safe working load of 11kg.

-          2 clamps support 23kg.

-          Mounts easily with one # 10 bolt or screw.

-          Mounts tools on any vehicle.


Quick Fist- Rubber Clamp 25-57mm

SKU: 10010
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    • Great for mounting shovels, axes, fishing rods, torches, brooms etc.
    • Clamp design makes it quick and convenient to secure or remove items, while rubber mounting ensures a tight grip with no rattles.
    • Doesn’t damage mounted items like alternative screw/threaded bolt-style holders.
    • UV resistant and not affected by hot or cold climates.
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