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An amazing innovation from CADAC; the Dual Power Pak is the first of its kind. A portable dual gas cartridge supply that drives most gas appliances such as small barbecues, camping stoves and small heaters. It is lightweight and portable, making it perfect for camping, picnicking and caravanning.
Utilises 2x 445g or 2x 500g CADAC threaded EN417 gas valve cartridges (not included), and combining the gas supply which is regulated consistently to 28mbar, regardless of external temperature, to power the appliance.
Includes a gas hose of 85 cm with hand wheel for easy loosening and tightening.
Our pressure regulators meet the highest safety level and European standards and regulations. We recommend that you replace your gas hose and pressure regulator every 5 years.

Dual Power Pack - CADAC Range

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  • Lightweight alternative to the refillable gas bottle Operates on 2 CADAC gas cartridges (not included) Suitable for most gas barbecues Ideal for camping holidays Comes with 85 cm gas hose 2 Year warranty
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