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The Dometic Seat Cushion is easy to install and made of lightweight material and comfortable fabric. Designed to be used with the Dometic Cool Ice 110 icebox, the addition of a seat cushion is sure to make your outdoor activities or events that much more comfortable.
When you're not using your icebox, you can create a comfortable space for guests or yourself. The Dometic Seat Cushion has included claws, making it easy to secure so it doesn't budge. The materials are as durable as your icebox, so don't worry about bringing it outside. This seat cushion is a must-have for adventurers seeking a simple way to add some comfort to their trip. Conveniently attach this seat cushion to the Dometic Cool Ice 110 icebox and instantly enjoy an extra seat in your boat, at the beach or around the campfire. This seat cushion's durable material and lightweight fabric are sure to give you long lasting comfort!

Dometic - Cool Ice CI-110/CI-92L Seat Cushion

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  • Creates a comfortable seat on your Dometic icebox Easily secured with the included claws Made from lightweight and durable materials
  • 246 × 31 × 34.5 cm

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