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Looking for a reliable and durable snatch strap for off-road recoveries? Look no further than the XGG 8000kg snatch strap. Constructed from heavy-duty nylon material, this strap is designed to stretch up to 20% of its length, achieving a maximum breaking strength of 8 tons.


With its impressive 9-meter length, the XGG recovery snatch strap is the perfect tool to help you get out of tricky bogged situations. Don't let tough terrain get in your way – invest in the XGG snatch strap for your next off-road adventure.

XGG - 8T Nylon Snatch Strap

Sales Tax Included
  • - 8000kg Breaking strenth 

    - 9m Long 

    - Made from Heavy-Duty Nylon Meterials 

    - 20% Maximum stretch 

    - Proudly New Zealand Brand

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