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5 Quick and Easy Upgrades

1. Wheels and tires

What's the first modification most people do to their truck, a new set of wheels and tires of course! This simple modification will make a significantly huge difference to the look of your truck, but of course, you need to find the best fit for your needs and taste, with hundreds of options to choose from, you'll need to determine the use of your truck, the wheels and tires play an integral part of the performance of your vehicle.

If you use your truck more for general driving, pick wheels ideal for that purpose. However, If you use your truck for off-roading then bigger wheels and tires provide higher ground clearance and help stay clear of any branches and rocks that may damage the under chassis.

Wanting some help with this modification to your truck? We have a great relationship with the guys at Limitless tires based in the Bay of Plenty they can help provide you with the right knowledge and with a great range of tires and wheels you'll be sure to find the right fit for your truck.

2. Lights

There are several lighting upgrades you can do to your truck that can come in handy in many cases, like when your driving in the woods where there are no other sources of light or if your camping in remote locations. Lightbars are a great way of providing ultra-bright lights when needed and generally have a separate switch from other light fixtures on the vehicle. They can be placed anywhere on the truck that suits your needs but most of the time you'll find them located on the roof of the cab.

3. Bullbar, and Back bumper

If you love taking your truck off-road, you may want to give it some extra protection, this is where bullbars and bumpers come in. These truck accessories show you now mean business and you know how to maximize the use of your vehicle.

As well as your truck looking totally badass.

4. Towbar and winch

If you do a lot of hauling and towing, then you have an option to get a tow bar or a winch.

A tow bar is usually made of metal and attaches to the chassis of the truck. There are many different types of tow bars to choose from. The most important thing to consider is your truck’s weight capacity. It is also the same when looking for a winch. Winches are not a necessity when going off-road but they sure can help when pulling yourself (or your mates) out of sticky situations. You can tie them around trees or other vehicles to get out of wherever your stuck.

5. Roof rack

Sometimes, the bed of the truck is not enough for all your gear. Roof racks come in handy in these situations. They are great for carrying additional luggage and can also be used for bicycles, kayaks, canoes, etc.

Your truck is tough and versatile enough to be with you through thick and thin. Surely, taking care of it and upgrading it can give you much in return. You don’t have to get all the accessories you need all at once. The key is to prioritize which ones can be used by you the most. More importantly, truck modifications involve stories and memories you can share with others.

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