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In this day and age, the overland experience may not be to push the boundaries to find new fields to graze our cattle or settlement, but the adventure remains the same, to be an explorer, wanderlust, nomad, and experience life differently from the 9 till 5 grinds.

If you are new to the Overlanding crew then you quickly find out that the Overlanding lifestyle is to live in the present, it’s all about the journey to fulfill the desire to connect back to the roots of mother nature and its simplicity, most of the time the destination is unknown giving the ultimate opportunity to truly be an explorer!

Everyone’s Vehicles are custom built and designed to accommodate specific needs of one liking, Overland vehicles are typically set up not only for travel but also for living in, anywhere from a long weekend to years on the road. This includes equipment for camping, cooking, and other adventure needs and supplies, it really depends on what experience you're looking for to how your vehicle will be set up.

The focus when modifying your vehicle for Overlanding should be on comfort and everyday usability, think about the areas in which you will be exploring and what weather conditions they bring. You want to be dry when it’s raining, protected from wind, and sheltered from the sun, with the ability to store and prepare food under all those conditions.

Anyone planning an Overlanding journey remembers, although you get to travel over vastly changing terrain, you are also testing your own courage and resourcefulness, the vehicles endurance and reliability, not all Overlanders like to drive far from the beaten track and there’s nothing wrong with that, you’ll still stumble across some of the most amazing places.

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