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This flush mount solar charge controller enables you to keep an eye on your power system without having to stare at an unsightly controller cluttering your RV or boat’s interior. The intelligent system features a PWM charger with bulk, boost/equalise, and float modes to keep your Lead Acid or LiFeP04 batteries in peak condition. The integrated LCD indicates real-time energy information, operational parameters, and fault messages, and is easily navigated using the two push buttons. Installation is made easy with pluggable terminals on the rear for the solar panel, battery, and temperature sensor. An RS485 port enables you to connect a computer for programming purposes, or to a Wi-Fi module (sold separately) so you can control the system from your Smartphone. It has extensive electronic safety protection, and is sure to keep your appliances and gadgets running when you’re away from mains power.


Battery Support:

• Sealed, Gel or flooded Lead (8V - 30V)

• LiFePO4 (4S/12V, 8S/24V)

• Li(NiCoMn)O2 (3S/12V, 6S/24V)

12/24V 30A Flush Mount PWM Solar Charge Controller with LCD Display

SKU: MP3764
Sales Tax Included
  • - 8 - 32VDC Operating Range, 50VDC Maximum Open-Circuit Solar Voltage
    - Compatible with Lead acid and LiFePO4 batteries

    - Flush mount

    - Bulk, Boost/Equalize, Float charging modes

    - LCD screen with real-time energy stats, operational and fault message

    - Battery temperature compensation

    - Remote control; monitor and set parameters via PC or APP

    - 10mm2/8AWG Recommended Cable Size (16mm2/6AWG Max)

    Wi-Fi Connection Module (Sold Separately)

    Add Wi-Fi communication to the MP3764 Solar Charge Controller with this interface and control your power installation with your Smartphone.

    • Up to 50m communication range

  • DC current rating : 30A
    DC Voltage : 12V, 24V
    IP Rating : IP30
    Dust/Particle Ingress Protection : 3 - Objects > 2.5mm, Tools, thick wires etc
    Liquid/Moisture Ingress Protection : 0 - Not protected
    Width : 179mm
    Height : 106mm
    Depth : 49mm
    Weight : 300g
    Dimensions details : Mounting Screw Hole Size
    Diameter : 5mm
    Dimension details : Mounting Cutout
    Width : 96mm
    Height : 158mm
    Charge Controller Technology : Pulse Width Modulated (PWM)
    Max PV Open Circuit Voltage : 30V
    Max Charging Current : 30A
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